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tv   [untitled]    October 11, 2012 9:00am-9:30am PDT

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for -- and ross -- understand but after the four days and on the election -- the eve of election day he understand why we did that. he told us outside whee -- he understand why we doing that why are we fighting prop c, a handful of us. and you know ross, you made a mistake. you should have not pled guilty. you should have done ? what mayor did, when mayor ed lee, when he was running for mayor last november he have -- remember the chinatown they have tents ñ up for the -- supposed volunteer to help the chinatown members -- citizens to vote. they was passing outl stencils that they could only vote for e h&ñ lee. i remember a lot of supervisors here tonight that actually went
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on the mayor'sm3 they sent a letter to the feds. that whatmén the mayor did -- i don't know what they were !n >> president chiu: thank you very much. thank youñ h0 >> my name is don -- from districtd.p.7. we should all be clear and i'm for the reinstatement ofí=xx ross. we should be clear, speaking for the people who are for the reinstatement of ross, none offbe us support domestic violence, none of us are trying to hide it. but there's another agenda goi. vt on here tonight and that's called political violence. what we're:j#iy seeing is an attempt to politically lynch a leading proponent of== this city and working women in this city. what we're seeing in that is being carried r this town who would like to push
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back all the gains thatóót working people have made in this city. that's really what is on the agenda here tonight. this is a -- 7 you vote for the reinstatement of ross you're talking about defending the working people ofa&ñ city. if you vote to uphold the commission'sñ@hú÷ report, you're really siding with the 1% to take out a leading spokesman for the progressive1s community in this town. that's what's on the agenda. that's called political violence. the 1% has nothing good in mind for women in this town. their agenda is to cut everybody's wages and the women's wages always get cut first. -so please reinstate ross. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> board of supervisors and everyone, my name is emmett powell. i've had a business in san francisco since 1972, right
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up the street on hayes and octavia. i've had the privilege of having great dignitaries from flute the country, throughout the city, throughout the state and through the world traveling. i've had the mayor -- in my place. not only that he invited me to stay here when the -- was here -- all over the world. but let me say this, i know mirkarimi. i do. and i've seen him talking to -- it might be inebriated, they might be high, might be low, whatever. but he never showed disrespect. when iiy3s opened my new restaurant on eddy and fillmore, mayor newsom, mayor brown, many other dignitaries was there. but they were therej mirkarimi was there every week, seeing what i needed done,
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seeing how things wereí/ ç going. and when i went through the problems that i had there, he didn't stay;ñn away. he was right there. so we have auásystem here. if we don't like what any of you are doing, we have a recall j"!5 let us recall. remember, he who casts thecaí first stone without -- cast the first stone. we all have done wrong. and i'm not placing any -- but i'm saying that's a good man. and we need him here in city. we voted for him. let him be. thank you. >> president chiu:ú next speaker please. >> good evening, supervisors.einjietq)áñ name is sharon ewing and i stand before you as a resident, a voter, but more importantly-jl a grandma. today i want to take a little diversion from the content qy&qg7t heard and i'm asking that we really seize this opportunity for>ç>
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bring a healing to the city, and that we mitigateddhp the divide between our advocates in the gg"ñuj )h violence community and our duly elected sheriff. i urge that we seize thisç9b @&c"p% opportunity to look very carefully at our behavior and our vote tonight in:chm a way that brings this city together, and stops what has been ag7b=ñ destructive, tearing apart of people intended to do the right thing. thank you. >> president chiu: next speaker. >> hi. good evening. my name is -- i'm a member of self-democratic clubs. you've heard my name i'm also -- i love the san francisco just as you and everyone in this room, even if we disagree. i'm here to ask you to please reinstate ross mirkarimi as
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sheriff. thank you for taking public comment. it is now 7:45. this has been a long day and evening. i appreciate your -- to reinstate ross especially from pressure from mayor ed lee, the -- office and others. what would the late harvey milk say about the bullying, the precedent 1.5 million in legal expenses, the editorials by the san francisco chronicle. i think harvey milk would vote to reinstate ross?v1( mirkarimi and george masconi would never conduct ak5ss witch hunt against a former highly -- supervisor. when did an arm grab become an assault. there's big money behind thejíh( removal of mirkarimi. namely the realtors associationh).hp &c"p% and banks that have a vested interest in carrying out massyç
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martial law. also ifv=n#; decide to remove him just keep in mind that the city of san francisco will!b4çl be vulnerable to huge lawsuits going forward. you understand this right? so thank you for yourohu consideration and listening to my concerns. please vote to reinstate him as bb restore my vote. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. nexta(c speakertsnkc. >> good evening, supervisors. i'm peter warfield, head of library usersñ7fár association. we support the reinstatement of sheriff ross mirkarimi and ask you to d8ñ vote for reinstatement. we are concerned that the removal of the electe$c@ sheriff would be a dangerous precedent for all of the reasons that you've heard previously. we3jzgh also understand the hypocrisy of the mayor in using the ethicséñzs commission to bludgeon ross
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mirkarimi while doing nothingcllt] at all in a previous matter in which the ethics commission recommen remove mayoral appointee jewel gomez, who is commission president. she had been found tooc]çf willfully violate the law, official misconduct, by silencing a member of the public duringg@c2ñ a library commission meeting. the sunshine ordinance task force voted unanimouslyx;' and sent this to the ethics commission for enforcement. not only dida 5j nothing about the ethics commission recommendation,í'7e he didn't even answer their letter. and in fact what yjkó>2p4 haven't heard this evening on this subject is it went further. the library commission reelected jewel gomez president of the commission earlier this year by a unanimous vote. of course, as you know, all of the commissioners are appointees
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of the mayor's office. we're also concerned that the attempt at removal represents mayor lee to politically ant culturally cleanse san francisco of whatever is convenient, an effort that includes the attempted removal of the sheriff as well as removal of the political multi-cultural, multi-ethnic multi-lingual mural on the bernal branch library which had two of its three sides painted out last week. >> president chiu: thank you >> thank you for your time, mr. board president, supervisors. as long as this has been going on, i've been following every single word i can get on it from)%uip the crongicle to the bay guardian and everything in between and i just5÷súñ don't get it i don't see a mad dog
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wife-beater. i seqó man who made a mistake, he did something that he shouldn't have done and has been disciplined both in the courts][y++ and being separated from his family for a long time. i think it boils down to character. i'mzv in district 3. i've never had contact with mr. mirkarimi but some of the things i've heard7ñpt from his constituents brought tears to my eyes, both$r3b> outside, at the rally long ago today, and in the press in the past as?x well. i think he's a guy who can represent the city well in i:y the law enforcement community. unfortunately we have a mayor who thinksz@qx things like stopping -- is a good idea. in addition to the board of=( supervisors and everybody else in the city to stand up to abominable practices like thatj and be a good man and put forth a progressive agenda in a city and countrycvd5 where a lot of times prisoners are for profit and monetized instead oftz4é&y the
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help they need. i mean i pretty much support everything -- echo everything else x that has been said. i really think he does need to be reinstated and given a secon┐2 chance. that's it. and i thanki8 time. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> honorablewí < supervisors, reverend gordon.uzsí# hopefully i can read this prepared statement. you are at the crossroad! most critical decision which i strongly suggest be viewed through the eyes of the humbled patron saint for whom our great city that is a microcosm for the community, st. francis of assisi made an instrument of peace for the san francisco world peace affirmation that offers world peace justice healing and even healing for this situation. the proposed affirmation that is
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an edited versions of st. francis' words. i am an instrument of peace, where there's injury pardon where there's doubt faith, where there's despair, hope, where there's darkness light. i shall not seek to be consoled, to be understood as to understand to be loved as to love for it is in giving that i receive and pardoning that i amir#w pardoned. i ask you let justice with mercy, compassion with courage, guide your conscious to vote and be your legacy for such a time as this. the world is looking in on this number one city. the higher power/[aq÷ too. that compassionate restorative justice be preb lent in our city. i say stand up and do the&s&9 right thing. i urge you to give the honorable ross mirkarimi his elected position with his due back pay restored. thank you.
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>> president chiu: next speaker. >> good evening, supervisors. eric brooks. i am a member of san francisco green party. i want to talk about domestic violence. i understand domestic violence really well because i was a victim of it when i was a child. my stepfather beat on my mother every week and verbally abused my mother and brothers and emotionally every day, and when i say every day i mean all day every day for years. i understand domestic violence and that is what it looks like. he even went after my mother in the middle of the night with a shotgun and he missed. i could have ended up like him but my mother had wisdom to reach out for help when we were young and take us to counseling. when i got to be a teenager and realized i still had issues, i reached out and went to counseling, after i grabbed my mother's arm.
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so you bet an arm-grab can lead years down the road to domestic violence that's very serious. and the way you solve that problem is that you encourage people that are involved in family conflict to reach out for help, and get that help. and if you go along with what the mayor's doing in this just obviously way over the top reaction to this situation by any measure, that tens of thousands of families in this city that have issues with conflict and are watching you make this decision, are going to think about how -- what the results of your decision. and if they think, you know what, if one of us reaches out and says the wrong thing to the wrong person about a conflict issue that we had in our household, it could send our father or mother to jail, and destroy his career, make them
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unable to financially provide for the the family and economics are the main reason people stay in bad situations especially women with kids. so if -- dom domestic violence is going to be part of your decision think about that, think about what you're going to show all those families in the city, when they think about whether or not they should open themselves up and reach out for help. thank you. >> president chiu: next speaker. good evening, everyone. my name is don/og ikele burger. i'm here to say ross is a8 man. i know who hates him. i first met ross, he was working with arms control resource center with -- you66kaç know, editing a book about the environmental
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impacts of the'qé rst gulf war. that's the first place i heard about -- later i helped ross as he co-coordinated a state effort to qualify the green party on the ballot 2000 nader campaign which youlkgj÷ know, many democrats to this day claim lost the election to so he's hated by warmongers and by democrats and he's run a couple of power campaigns so he's hated by pg&e and i fear that's where this comes down from. many here may have a long political career ahead of them and ask themselves can i do it without pg&e money. so i hope the vote goes well here and everybody shows strength. to the women's groups all i can say is i've known ross for a long time. i feel like as sheriff he will oversee your interests much better than any other sheriff candidate i can think of, specifically the fire chief.
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but thank you very much, all. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker. >> hi. chris -- a 30 year resident of san francisco, a laborer, an artist and san francisco historian and in that endeavor i've learned that history is not merely replete but overflowing in instances of tragically misguided but not outright nefarious ways of making examples of individuals. the executive director of la casa has atib iewtd a 12% increase to this case and the issue is bigger than one reason, one person and one incident executive director of domestic violence has said the ethics commissioners are not thinking about the message they are sending to women children and male victims in thier their community.
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i seriously doubt there is any notion that the ethics commission is not thinking about the message that their actions might present to members of this community but what kind of message are we talking about here. the message of the actual particular circumstances regarding an individual been placed before the law of less importance than issues percolating around him. the message can be interpreted as saying your issues must take a back seat than what domesticg activist hold. they appear resolute. ag& spike in public interest can in no way be taken into consideration as argument of>c[0 civil rights against an individual. falsely as it turned out later]ij1u of raping a young woman with a coke bottle in the st. francisúc hotel which ruined his career.
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is it a spectacle we crave in i> strongly suspect that should ross regains+íhl his elected position that san franciscans will be given a spectacle of7ñm, a long and hard working -- to show himself at the hel&m%sh mp of these issues with personal integrity and that is something which i submit we ei-are sorely in need of in this town. thank you9 p. >> well, i've been praying that i6g the lord would have me say the right words here and i've heard a lot of good speeches tor l. the best was that asian lady with the massage. that was a good÷ñjpv one. this is totally reinstate him, give him double back pay and it's!z!/ all right. you should believe his wife also. okay? believe his wife.
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now -- and also i think the sheriff should go in there and sit down and dare anybody to arrest him, because he has been elected. the mayor has no authority to do what he did but so far he hasn't done that. okay. now here's something that no one brought up tonight. now i'm a christian. and i believe the bible every word in the bible. and the bible says the man is the head of the house, not the wife. the man is the head of the house. we've not heard any talk of this but god made adam first and then eve. see a lot of people disagree but that's the way it is. that's 55 seconds. all right. christ is the head of the church. last week we had a big to-do because the new archbishop that's been reinstated has been -- said that the homosexuals can't have commune union. basically it comes down to
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authority, doesn't it. it comes down to authority. who is the head of the church? well jesus is the head of the church, right? and god gives us instructions as to order in the family and it's not the wife it's the husband first, it's the wife next, and then it's the children. the children are to honor their father and their mother. the lord wrote that in tablets of stone when moses went up the mountain. moses was just the messenger. he brought the plates up there and god just... >> president chiu: nexty speaker. ladies and gentlemen. if i could ask you to please be[oçoñ silent. thank you. next speaker. >>÷b hello. frank martin dell campo, representing here on=xos the san francisco labor council. i'd like to share just some of our thinking on thisl
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tenantme,ñ that's being accepted here, that i think needs to be.g)d9 challenged. our labor council began to look at this question back in april, so this was not a period of time when the matter÷?kr was favorable to ross. so but we began a discussion, and there of view. and l[ydv was through the course of a discussion then we came to a conclusion ross mirkarimi. but there was something else that also helped to developuwe÷xz our thinking, and that really led this issue in our labor council, and that was/ ea that affected women, that women were the clearest on this subject, and that>$v÷ working women know about the issue, aboutc$:v9 dot domestic violence and they're very clear on the subject. k[x when our sisters provided that leadership and we worked
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through each and(, were able to come at the only conclusion that we#gjpa could. we ask you today to reinstate ross mirkarimi. wegl $uá like to raise also thatvñ &c @&c"p% if i understood the facts, when eliana was grabbed she asked that it be stopped, right? and it is my understanding that it was also -- that it was stopped, right? so if this was an example of how to effectively engage and put a stop to something that was not acceptable, eliana clearly was able to do that. she is not needing anyone's defense. she's obviously -- tonight. thank you. >> president chiu: thank you. next speaker.
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>> good evening, supervisors. my name is francesca rosa. before i speak a little about why i'm here i wanted to remind you of some of the organizations that the grassroots organizations and groups that have come out in support of sheriff mirkarimi. we have the san francisco labor council, seiu -- committee very recently national lawyers guild latino democratic club, bernal heights democratic club, harvey milk club, bar newspaper, sunset beaconé"s: rivment review. they've helped you a great deal -- some of you a great deal over the years. i'm a delegate to the san francisco labor7:1[a council, also a member of 10-1, and myself and our members2 ls have precinct walked and phone banked for many of you in this roomt over and over for years and
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years, even some of us who are not in your particular and i think a lot of us would like to call in our chips/ tonight. we are the 99% of san francisco. we're the people who live here. we want ourm(:t sheriff. we voted for him. we don't want to see our votesñx overturned by mayoral whim that quite frankly there's nogt:rq justification for that decision. we all make dismakes. sheriff mirkarimi madedn" mistake. his wife made a mistake. all of us in this room have madea5 a mistake. as much as i respect the work that the domestic violence íu$5ñ do in difficult circumstances i would respectfully say i think you made a'2]f big mistake in this instance in relation tokñ&ó proportionally and please reinstate our sheriff ross mirkarimi. thank you. next speaker4 u.
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>> good evening. my name isd roya cyrus. i've been a teacher in california public school systems 1acérju over 20 years. i work in an impoverished and crime ridden school district area. i had tobz n
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videos that i saw, anyhz%r relationship that is fear-based, 4gwz$mntrolling, you're alienating a spouse from their family, you are controlling their%7[ is all part of the cycle of violence. so i stand here today toy)q say that our law enforcement arewñ first responders to domestic acts in the home. and i ask that [ge5e will take into consideration a survivor, it has affected my family and itg)h60 been a life-long journey to be able to come out of that violence and to set a precedent in this -- in my life. thank$ - >> president chiu: next speakerff:ñ. >> i'm julie fisher i've livedppzss and worked in san francisco for over 25 years. i have great regard for everything people have been);
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saying this evening. what a difficult situation we've been put in. but i want to get downåaç to two or three points and one is that you've heard already. the1m voters chose ross to be our sheriff. he has not had a chance to get to work yet supervisors, that many of us have supported, s-w?( with, and still supported that you do your job tonight. let ross get to his job iaf>sq move us forward. thank you >> hello. good evening, supervisors. my name is zach marks. i've beenwjvmd shocked watches person after person voting for reinstatement. i voted for.8j mr. mirkarimi because i thought he was a wonderful supervisor and one week later was quite disappointed from what i% in the news so i feel i was somewhat tricked into voting for mr. mirkarimi. i just am shocked that people coming up here one after another q


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